Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Days

Serious obsession with peeling oranges


Happy Boy, spaghetti & salad...he loves to eat!

Notice the choo choo train on his tray

He did the Mohawk himself, pasta sauce instead of hair gel

Nice bite Holden!

Taking care of baby dolls

Loves to sit on the counter!

The boys LOVE the new stool I bought them so they can "wash" their hands and "brush" their teeth. The bathroom is trashed most all of the time but they are happy!The boys are changing so quickly. It amazes me everyday the new words they say and things they understand. They can now talk about their day. Holden is still talking about the day he was "sad" about the "dog" at the "fence" that was "mean". He also is talking about the last bike ride he went on with dada he says "bike", "park", "helmet"," fast" (what daddy?), and "slide" they have a lot of fun with dada. They say dada working, don't want that, big truck, more juice, more etc anything. Holden even says silly goose which cracks me up. I think I said it to him once and bam he uses it about Killian all the time. They both say each others names now too, which is amazing. They love to play outside and to explore anything they don't usually get to like sitting on the counter, running around upstairs, playing in the sink, playing in their downstairs timeout pak n play.
 They love to read and often times are fighting for the spot on my lap. Killian's favorite book at this time would have to be the National Geographic Kids Animal Encyclopedia. Dad gave it to them at Christmas and it is already falling apart. Its amazing the animals they can name. Yak, dinosaur, wildebeest...I mean they just turned 2! Holden switches his books around more often but usually a truck book or animal books wins out. They both love Richard Scarry books. All the little animals and pictures, I guess I loved those books as a child too.
 Hope you enjoy!