Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow Day Jan 2011

Hard to mow the grass with all this snow!

Holden didn't want to sled with his brother!

Killian absolutely loved the snow!

We finally got a beautiful snow in January, the perfect snow to take the boys out and explore! Holden was having a bit of a day so he mostly was pulled around ALONE on the sled while Killian was content to wander through the deep snow on foot.

sweet boys

This is my first blog entry for my beautiful, crazy boys Holden & Killian. I have finally been inspired enough to sit down and do this from my wonderful sister, Andrea. I have been following her blog about 1 year old  Emmitt since before he came into this world and have realized what a beautiful way this is to journal and capture specific moments in time that will to quickly slip away.
Then: February 6th 2009

Now, (sort of) June 2010~ it's hard to get shots of them together anymore.
Holden and Killian will be 2 years old on Feb 6th and I have not done enough to record all the amazing things they have done over the last couple years. I know how quickly we forget and want to try to keep it all fresh and there for them someday to look back on. I hope this will be a way to "force" myself to write down all the funny, beautiful, sensitive, and naughty things they do. It will also be nice for family that is spread across the country to peek into our lives once in a while. Especially those that don't "believe" in Facebook, like my husband Jim!