Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow Day Jan 2011

Hard to mow the grass with all this snow!

Holden didn't want to sled with his brother!

Killian absolutely loved the snow!

We finally got a beautiful snow in January, the perfect snow to take the boys out and explore! Holden was having a bit of a day so he mostly was pulled around ALONE on the sled while Killian was content to wander through the deep snow on foot.


  1. I love it! I look forward to following along in the lives of the Devereux boys. I can't wait to be close enough to be in some of the pictures. I am glad I could inspire you some, because you have inspired me in a million ways. Keep it up, it is a wonderful way to keep track of their lives. Love you so!

  2. I am also excited to see more of these cute fellows, and hopefully their Mom as well. Mowing the snow is cracking me up. Don't blink Mom, they will be ignoring you while they play games on their IPODS soon enough....

  3. I would love to cook up that strange dinner one of these days. Except I am a terrible sous chef - my chopping is not uniform at all.