Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring is here!

Our trip to the dairy farm with friends Kristen and her son Kai
Holden and Kai enjoying the rock piles!
Kai, I think we should start a pig farm.
Our bike ride the next beautiful day down to the Poudre river to have a picnic, collect rocks, look for bugs, and throw things into the water!
Killian: Where did my rock go? Holden: It's right there man!
Healthy Doritos for lunch

Holden is looking right at the goat in this picture, very happy guy!
Chickens, what more can I say?
Checkin out the horsies
New tractor, consignment store, BIG HIT!
Stopping to smell the tulips

Mem and Papa Jim came to visit and we went to the aquarium!
Touching the stingray!
Playing in the sink!
Dinner with our special guests, Emmitt, Kevin and Andrea!!!
We don't mess around with special dinners!!
        The boys are starting to work against us...they are working as a team now and it's scary.
They are changing constantly and new words and phrases come out everyday. They will say anything you do, including things you don't want them to. Holden recently told me to "knock it off" he learned this phrase from us talking to Noku, my dad's dog who visits often and we have to tell him to stop or knock it off. We recently had my sister and Emmitt arrive for a long stay as they are (YAY!!!) relocating to Colorado. The boys have not been that sw

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